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About the Affiliate Forum

While the Affiliate Country Programme has grown since 2001 and been granted its own Secretariat in 2003, need for activating the Affiliate Forum was only expressed by Affiliates in 2008. As a result, the Affiliate Forum held its first meeting in 2009, during IEC 73rd General Meeting held in Tel Aviv, Israel.


All Affiliate Countries are automatically entitled to participate in the forum which meets once a year during the IEC General Meeting. IEC Members wishing to get involved in the Affiliate mentoring programme are welcome too.


The forum is chaired by the Affiliate Leader and is an opportunity for him to meet the Affiliate delegates. He is assisted by the Affiliate Coordinators for Africa and Latin America, and the Affiliate Secretary.


At the forum, the Affiliate leader presents his report on the new developments of the programme, previously submitted to the SMB (Standardization Management Board) and the CAB (Conformity Assessment Board).


The Affiliate Coordinators also report on their activities since the previous General Meeting.


Affiliate Countries with a NEC (National Electrotechnical Committee) have the possibility to report on their work and share their experience with other participants. All participants can ask advice to try and benefit more from their Affiliate status.


During the last session, the participants generally break into three groups to focus on specific regional issues with IEC-APRC and IEC-LARC managers, the Affiliate Leader and the Coordinators for Africa and Latin America.


Presentations made during the Affiliate Forum are available in the Presentation section.


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