International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies


Systems Evaluation Group - Low Voltage Direct Current Applications, Distribution and Safety for use in Developed and Developing Economies



The purpose of SEG 4 is to evaluate the status of standardization in the field of low voltage direct current (LVDC) applications and products and to recommend to the SMB the architecture of any future standardization work program that the IEC may undertake. The SEG will identify new areas of standardization to be undertaken by the IEC. The SEG will evaluate the usage of LVDC in different integration environments in developed and developing economies with the objective to enhance energy efficiency and to develop new ways to utilize LVDC power. The SEG will actively engage with relevant stakeholders within the IEC and external stakeholders already working in the field of LVDC.
Under the active participation of the existing TCs and external stakeholders, the SEG shall:
- Evaluate and if necessary define the voltage parameters for LVDC
- Evaluate the existing market for LVDC products and applications
- Project the future market for LVDC products and applications using information from current studies and simulation models
- Define use cases for the integration of DC infrastructure in the different areas (residential, commercial, public, industrial, premises, Renewable Energy,
- Evaluate the future applications for DC
- Evaluate the status of safety in LVDC and the appropriate place for further standardization of LVDC safety to be located
- Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the usage of LVDC (energy efficiency, regulation, and transmission…)
- Review the inventory of existing standards and standardization projects inside and outside IEC
- Evaluate gaps in standardization by using a use case mapping tool
- Define a structure for the coordination of cross TC/SC work in IEC, where required
- Monitor TC/SC work in IEC to highlight any overlap of work or potential inconsistencies
- Recommend technical work to define the LVDC network and grid
The SEG shall work in close collaboration with SEG 6 Non-traditional Distribution Networks / Microgrids. The SEG is requested to provide the SMB with its recommendations on an approach to standardization in this area.