International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies

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(2017-06-18 to 2017-12-15)

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TC 18 - Electrical installations of ships and of mobile and fixed offshore units
IEC/IEEE 61886-2 ED1

PNW 18-1587: SUBSEA EQUIPMENT – Part 2: Power transformers

ACD SECRETARIAT JWG 31 Steinar Midttveit 18/1587/NP 2017-09-15
TC 34 - Lamps and related equipment
IEC 62386-105 ED1

PNW 34-411: DIGITAL ADDRESSABLE LIGHTING INTERFACE – Part 105: Particular requirements for control gear – Firmware Transfer

ACD SECRETARIAT WG 11 Norbert Wittig 34/411/NP 2017-09-29
SC 45A - Instrumentation, control and electrical power systems of nuclear facilities
IEC 63160 ED1

PNW 45A-1166: Nuclear power plants – Instrumentation, control and electrical power systems important to safety - Common cause failure systems analysis and diversity

ACD United Kingdom WG 7 Nick Wall 45A/1166/NP 2017-09-22
SC 46F - RF and microwave passive components
IEC 61169-64 ED1

PNW 46F-375: Radio Frequency Connectors – Part 61: Specification for coaxial connectors with 0.8 mm inner diameter of outer conductor, nominal characteristic impedance 50 ohms

ACD JP WG 1 Masahiro Horibe 46F/375/NP 2017-09-15
PNW 46F-379

PNW 46F-379: Radio-Frequency-Connectors, Part XX: Sectional specification for RF coaxial connectors with 1,35mm inner diameter of outer conductor, with screw coupling, 50 Ohm characteristic impedance, for use up to 90 GHz.

PRVN Germany WG 1 Bernd Sieberling 46F/379/NP 2017-11-03
SC 48B - Electrical connectors
PNW 48B-2594

PNW 48B-2594: IEC 6XXXX/ED.1: CONNECTORS FOR ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT – Part 1: Copper LC style connector for use with 1-pair balanced twisted pair cabling

PRVN Secretariat WG 3 48B/2594/NP 2017-11-03
TC 57 - Power systems management and associated information exchange
IEC 63162 ED1

PNW 57-1904: Profiles for energy consumption data (“My Energy Data”).

ACD France WG 16 Eric Lambert 57/1904/NP 2017-10-20
TC 61 - Safety of household and similar electrical appliances
IEC 60335-2-115 ED1

PNW 61-5484: Household and Similar Electrical Appliances – Safety – Part 2-115: Particular requirements for beauty care appliances

ACD Secretariat PT 60335-2-115 Wenxiu Huang 61/5484/NP 2017-09-01
SC 65B - Measurement and control devices
IEC TS 63165 ED1

PNW TS 65B-1093: Performance Expression of Industrial Water Quality Analyzers—Photometry

ACD Secretariat WG 14 James F. TATERA 65B/1093/NP 2017-09-01
SC 65E - Devices and integration in enterprise systems
IEC 62769-100 ED1

PNW 65E-545: FIELD DEVICE INTEGRATION (FDI) – PART 100: Profiles – Generic protocols

TCDV Secretariat WG 7 Christian Diedrich 65E/545/NP 2017-09-15
IEC 62769-115-2 ED1

PNW 65E-546: FIELD DEVICE INTEGRATION (FDI) – PART 115-2: Profiles – Modbus-RTU

TCDV Secretariat WG 7 Christian Diedrich 65E/546/NP 2017-09-15
IEC 62769-150-1 ED1

PNW 65E-547: FIELD DEVICE INTEGRATION (FDI) – PART 150-1: Profiles – ISA100.11a

ACDV SECRETARIAT WG 7 Christian Diedrich 65E/547/NP 2017-09-15
IEC 62541-14 ED1

PNW 65E-549: OPC Unified Architecture – Part 14: PubSub

ACD Secretariat WG 8 Jim Luth 65E/549/NP 2017-10-20
TC 65 - Industrial-process measurement, control and automation
IEC TS 63164-1 ED1

PNW TS 65-677: Reliability of Industrial Automation Devices and Systems – Part 1: Assurance of automation devices reliability data and specification of their source

ACD China WG 22 Lu Ding 65/677/NP 2017-10-20
TC 80 - Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems
IEC 63154 ED1

PNW 80-853: Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems – Cybersecurity – General requirements, methods of testing and required test results

ACD SECRETARIAT WG 6 Hannu Peiponen 80/853/NP 2017-09-29
IEC 61108-5 ED1

PNW 80-858: Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems - Global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) - Part 5: BeiDou satellite navigation system (BDS) – Receiver equipment - Performance requirements, methods of testing and required test results

ACD CN PT 61108-5 Wenhui YANG 80/858/NP 2017-10-27
TC 82 - Solar photovoltaic energy systems
IEC 63163 ED1

PNW 82-1317: Terrestrial photovoltaic (PV) modules for consumer products - Design qualification and type approval

ACD Secretariat WG 2 Paul Robusto 82/1317/NP 2017-10-13
SC 86A - Fibres and cables
PNW 86A-1821

PNW 86A-1821: Optical fibre cables –Part 1-202: Generic specification–Basic optical cable test procedures–Material compatibility test

PRVN Secretariat WG 3 zhuang xiong 86A/1821/NP 2017-09-15
TC 100 - Digital system interfaces and protocols
PNW 100-2953

PNW 100-2953: Digital audio – Interface for non-linear PCM encoded audio bitstreams applying IEC 60958 –Part 15: Non-linear PCM bit streams according to Auro-Cx format

PRVN Secretariat Kimio Hamasaki 100/2953/NP 2017-09-15
TC 100 - Audio, video and multimedia systems and equipment
PNW TS 100-2971 ED1

PNW 100-2971: LCD multi-screen display terminals – Part 1: Conceptual model

PRVN SECRETARIAT 100/2971A/NP 2017-11-03
PNW 100-2972

PNW 100-2972: LCD multi-screen display terminals – Part 2: Measuring methods

PRVN Secretariat 100/2972/NP 2017-11-03
TC 110 - Electronic display devices
IEC 62977-3-4 ED1

PNW 110-883: Future IEC 62977-3-4 : Electronic display devices – Part 3-4: Measurements of optical characteristics - High dynamic range displays

ACD Korea, Republic of PT 62977 Kyung Jin Kang 110/883/NP 2017-08-25
IEC 62906-5-6 ED1

PNW 110-887: Laser display devices – Part 5-6: Measuring methods for optical performance of screens

ACD China WG 10 junkai Li 110/887/NP 2017-09-01
TC 112 - Evaluation and qualification of electrical insulating materials and systems
IEC TS 62836 ED1

PNW TS 112-392: Future IEC/TS 62836: Measurement of internal electric field in insulating materials-pressure wave propagation method

PRVN China WG 8 Yewen Zhang 112/392/NP 2017-10-06
TC 117 - Solar thermal electric plants
PNW 117-76

PNW 117-76: Solar thermal electric plants – Part 4-1: General requirements for the design of solar power tower plants

PRVN China 117/76/NP 2017-10-27
SyC AAL - Active Assisted Living

PNW SYCAAL-76: Connected home environment - Functional safety

PRVN Secretariat WG 5 Hiroaki Sugiura SyCAAL/76/NP 2017-09-08
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 41 - Internet of Things and related technologies
ISO/IEC 21823-2 ED1

PNW JTC1-SC41-8: Information technology - Internet of Things (IoT) - Interoperability for Internet of Things Systems – Part 2: Network connectivity

ACD CN WG 4 Min Wei JTC1-SC41/8/NP 2017-09-15
ISO/IEC 21823-3 ED1

PNW JTC1-SC41-9: Information technology - Internet of Things (IoT) - Interoperability for Internet of Things Systems – Part 3: Semantic interoperability

ACD KR WG 4 Jaeho LEE JTC1-SC41/9/NP 2017-09-15