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Advisory Committee on Environmental Aspects



ACEA (Advisory Committee on Environmental Aspects), which reports to the SMB (Standardization Management Board), considers all aspects of the protection of the natural environment against detrimental impacts from a product, group of products or a system using electrical technology, including electronics and telecommunications. EMC aspects are excluded as they are covered by ACEC (Advisory Committee on Electromagnetic Compatibility).

ACEA advises the SMB on environmental matters and guides. It helps to coordinate IEC work on environmental issues to ensure consistency and avoid duplication and conflict in IEC International Standards. Its role is also to ensure that the IEC's standard developers take environmental protection concerns into account in their standardization work.

ACEA activities are focused on current issues covered by legislation that relate to eco-design, environmental declaration and more specifically to substance management end of life treatment, or environmental labelling.


ACEA is responsible for IEC Guide 109: Environmental aspects - Inclusion in electrotechnical product standards. TCs (Technical Committees) are strongly recommended to consult this guide for advice on the consideration of environmental aspects when drafting product standards.

ACEA Membership

There may be a total of 16 members including the chairman, all appointed by the SMB. ACEA members are nominated by NCs (National Committees), the chairman is nominated by ACEA. ACEA members, knowledgeable in standardization and environmental matters, identify aspects that are of relevance and interest to multiple technical areas, while maintaining close liaison with technical committees concerned.

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