Affiliate Country Programme

Offering developing and newly industrializing countries access to the benefits of standardization and conformity assessment without financial obligations
Affiliate Country list

The IEC Affiliate Country Programme allows developing and newly industrializing countries to participate in IEC work and the IEC Conformity Assessment Systems without the financial burden of membership.

The IEC Affiliate Country Programme, which was put in place in 2001, has helped numerous countries increase the quality of their infrastructure, gain technical expertise to participate in international standardization as well as better understand and apply testing and certification.

The countries participating in the IEC Affiliate Country Programme gain access free of charge to IEC International Standards and other publications; learn how to set up a national electrotechnical committee through mentoring; contribute to IEC work, and are welcome to participate in the annual IEC General Meeting and Affiliate Country Forum.

Interested countries may join the programme without the financial burden of membership, upon invitation by the IEC General Secretary and CEO.


Facts & figures
With Adoptions54
Without Adoptions30
Total Participants84
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Information about the levels of participation in the programme

Details on the benefits of adopting international standards

Information about the Affiliate Conformity Assessment Status (ACAS)

Participation in the annual IEC General Meeting and its associated meetings

Information about the forum and workshops organized for affiliate countries

About national standards adoptions, participation in IEC work and Affiliate Plus countries 

Access to the photos available from previous IEC General Meetings

Key contacts at the IEC Central Office supporting the Affiliate Country Programme

An overview of the development process of a new IEC International Standard

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List of IEC Affiliate Country Programme Participants

IEC Affiliates
Country Code Website Admission date Adoptions
AF Admission date 2007-01-01 176 adoption(s)
AO Admission date 2002-07-01
AG Admission date 2002-05-01 adoption(s)
AM sarm.amen Admission date 2001-11-01
AZ Admission date 2011-06-27 adoption(s)
BS bbsq.bsen Admission date 2012-07-17
BB Admission date 2001-11-01 15 adoption(s)
BZ Admission date 2002-04-01
BJ Admission date 2001-11-01 169 adoption(s)
BT Admission date 2006-07-01 122 adoption(s)
BO Admission date 2001-08-01 96 adoption(s)
BW Admission date 2001-11-01 159 adoption(s)
BN Admission date 2001-11-01 74 adoption(s)
BF Admission date 2001-11-01 174 adoption(s)
BI Admission date 2002-04-01 30 adoption(s)
CV Admission date 2017-01-24 10 adoption(s)
KH Admission date 2001-11-01 193 adoption(s)
CM Admission date 2005-03-01 150 adoption(s)
CF Admission date 2008-04-15
TD Admission date 2008-06-01
KM Admission date 2001-11-01
CG Admission date 2008-06-01 54 adoption(s)
CR Admission date 2001-10-01 226 adoption(s)
CD Admission date 2001-11-01 249 adoption(s)
DJ Admission date 2019-03-26
DM Admission date 2002-05-01
DO Admission date 2005-08-01 29 adoption(s)
EC Admission date 2003-04-01 309 adoption(s)
SV Admission date 2008-02-01
ER Admission date 2001-10-01 62 adoption(s)
SZ Admission date 2007-10-01 10 adoption(s)
FJ Admission date 2001-11-01
GA Admission date 2007-02-01 322 adoption(s)
GM Admission date 2008-03-01 33 adoption(s)
GD Admission date 2001-11-01
GT Admission date 2001-11-01 adoption(s)
GN Admission date 2007-01-01 103 adoption(s)
GW Admission date 2006-11-01
GY Admission date 2001-11-01 173 adoption(s)
HT Admission date 2002-05-01
HN Admission date 2007-08-01 adoption(s)
JM Admission date 2001-11-01 26 adoption(s)
KG Admission date 2003-12-01 adoption(s)
LA Admission date 2002-06-01 103 adoption(s)
LB Admission date 2001-11-01 313 adoption(s)
LS Admission date 2005-07-01
LR Admission date 2016-11-16
MG Admission date 2005-04-01 43 adoption(s)
MW Admission date 2001-11-01 223 adoption(s)
ML Admission date 2001-11-01 12 adoption(s)
MR Admission date 2002-06-01
MU Admission date 2001-11-01 49 adoption(s)
MN Admission date 2002-01-01 70 adoption(s)
MZ Admission date 2003-03-01
MM Admission date 2007-11-01 133 adoption(s)
NA Admission date 2001-11-01 59 adoption(s)
NP Admission date 2001-11-01
NI Admission date 2019-06-13
NE Admission date 2006-09-01 56 adoption(s)
PS Admission date 2009-04-01 233 adoption(s)
PA Admission date 2003-04-01
PG Admission date 2004-05-01 31 adoption(s)
PY Admission date 2001-12-01
RW Admission date 2001-11-01 376 adoption(s)
KN Admission date 2013-09-12
LC Admission date 2002-04-01 adoption(s)
VC Admission date 2008-01-01
ST Admission date 2018-03-20
SN Admission date 2002-04-01 67 adoption(s)
SC Admission date 2001-11-01
SL Admission date 2003-03-01 27 adoption(s)
SS Admission date 2013-04-09
SD Admission date 2004-04-01 205 adoption(s)
SR Admission date 2008-11-04 183 adoption(s)
SY Admission date 2016-07-04
TZ Admission date 2001-11-01 69 adoption(s)
TG Admission date 2006-04-01 568 adoption(s)
TT Admission date 2007-01-01 20 adoption(s)
TM Admission date 2001-12-01
UY Admission date 2001-07-01 212 adoption(s)
UZ Admission date 2015-10-25 69 adoption(s)
YE Admission date 2002-04-01
ZM Admission date 2002-03-01 312 adoption(s)
ZW Admission date 2001-11-01 92 adoption(s)