The demand for electricity is soaring. IEC Standards together with IEC Conformity Assessment Systems ensure electricity is produced and transmitted safely and consumed in a sustainable way

Meeting new requirements

The generation, transmission, distribution, storage and use of electrical energy are changing to meet ever growing worldwide demandIt is essential for this change to be managed efficiently and sustainably, not only to ensure that enough energy will be available for future generations but also to help the energy poor to access a resource that can transform their lives. Off-grid renewable energy systems help remote communities gain electricity access and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.

IEC paves the way for the efficient and smart use of electricity, both in developed and developing countries. IEC International Standards underpin the entire energy chain from generation to use; this includes electrical and electronic equipment, devices and systems used in industry as well as in public and private spaces. IEC also runs four Conformity Assessment Systems whose members verify that the safety and performance requirements of electrical and electronic equipment and systems are met. This zone provides an overview of IEC work for sustainable, resilient, and affordable energy services, on-grid and off-grid.