How to get involved

The IEC brings together over 170 countries, and close to 20 000 experts cooperate on the global IEC platform to ensure that products work everywhere safely with each other

If you want to contribute to IEC work and are located in one of the IEC member countries you need to reach out to your IEC National Committee (NC). They can tell you more about how you can get involved at the national level and/or the global level in the IEC. The NC is responsible for nominating experts to participate in the development of IEC work and in the IEC CA Systems. 

If travel to face-to-face working meetings represents a hurdle for you, then you may want to influence IEC work from the national level. Share your needs with the NC and help make the standard more relevant for your industry. 


IEC National Committees

The IEC National Committees (NCs) are the only legitimate representative of the IEC in your country. They have an obligation to include all national stakeholders from the public and private sectors and to coordinate and represent their needs at the global level in the IEC. The IEC structure allows for equal representation of small, medium and large countries and helps avoid that a few big interest groups are able to create an imbalance. Clearly defined and published rules guarantee full transparency and openness of the standardization process.

Public commenting 

The IEC also allows any expert in any country to create an online account and comment on future standards directly online. If you have pertinent technical expertise you can help shape an  IEC International Standard relevant to your industry. As soon as a new draft standard (CDV) has been published, it is publicly available for two months commenting period.  All comments are forwarded to the NC in your country. They are reviewed and may be put forward as national input for the final IEC International Standard. 

The IEC Affiliate Country Programme

Affiliates in developing countries benefit from a free programme without the financial burden of membership. The IEC Affiliate Country Programme helps increase awareness, understanding and involvement in electrotechnical standardization and conformity assessment.