IEC Standards and CA Systems are the synthesis of hundreds of discussions among industry experts, and provide a trustworthy platform on which industry can build its innovations

Market needs are at the core of IEC work

IEC standardization and conformity assessment activities ensure the safety, performance and reliability of electronic and electrical systems and devices used worldwide.

Thousands of companies, from small and medium-sized enterprises to global multinationals, are involved in IEC work. Their experts come together to develop voluntary, consensus-based standards that address industry needs. The IEC offers a unique platform where key stakeholders can address common challenges together.

IEC Standards and Conformity Assessment (CA) Systems facilitate trade and access to new markets. Government bodies rely on standards and conformity assessment to ensure that systems and products are safe and perform as expected.

By using IEC Standards and CA Systems, industry can demonstrate that it meets national requirements and rapidly enter most markets in the world.

Industry consortia can benefit from establishing their technical specification in a short time frame, without having to build their own standardization platform. The IEC offers consortia also the possibility to bring their technical specification to the world stage as a new IEC International Standard or have them integrated into an existing IEC Standard. 


Case studies

These case studies from different companies show the value they have gained from being involved in the IEC.

Getting involved

If you want to contribute to IEC work and are located in one of the IEC member countries  you need to reach out to your IEC National Committee (NC). 

They can tell you more about how you can get involved at the national level and/or the global level in the IEC. The NC is responsible for nominating experts to participate in the development of IEC work and in the IEC CA Systems. 

The IEC also allows any expert in any country to create an online account and comment on future standards directly online. If you have pertinent technical expertise you can help shape an IEC International Standard relevant to your industry, before it is published. As soon as a new draft standard (CDV) is ready, it is publicly available for a two months commenting period.  All comments are forwarded to the NC in your country. They are reviewed and may be put forward as national input for the final IEC International Standard.