National Committees

National Committees provide the management expertise and send experts to represent national needs in the global IEC standardization and conformity assessment arena
List of members

National Committees

Upon admission, every IEC Member – one National Committee per country - promises to fully represent all private and public national interests in the field of electrotechnology at the global level in IEC standardization and conformity assessment activities.

The IEC offers them a neutral, independent international forum where often globally renowned experts from industry, government, academia and user groups can sit together and find consensus on solutions to broad technical challenges.


Benefits of membership

The key benefits of membership come from participating in the development of the standardization and conformity assessment work of the IEC. By participating in the creation of a standard, an NC can be sure that the interests of its country have been taken into account.


Those involved in IEC standardization work come from all areas of the market and each chooses to participate for various reasons.
The IEC offers its members:

Facts & figures

IEC National Committees
Full Members62
Associate Members26


a forum in which formal networks that cross
international borders may be easily developed


a place where participants can network within a vibrant community of customers, manufacturers, technical experts and government representatives


an environment where companies and
countries, regardless of their market share, size or influence, can sit together as equal partners

Membership levels

IEC Full Member

Any country which can demonstrate that its National Committee has been constituted in accordance with the IEC Statutes and Rules of Procedure may apply to become an IEC Full Member.  IEC Full Members, after paying their yearly membership fee, have the possibility to send experts to participate actively in any technical committee/subcommittee of their choice. They are also able to apply for management positions and functions in the IEC and have voting rights in the IEC Council.

IEC Associate Member

Some countries can opt to become an IEC Associate Member. IEC Associate Members can access all working documents and opt to send experts to participate in a limited number of technical committees/subcommittees. They cannot occupy management positions and functions within the IEC and do not have voting rights in the IEC Council.


Individuals or companies can’t become a member of the IEC. They can only participate in the IEC via their National Committee.

If you are interested to contribute to IEC work in standardization or conformity assessment in an IEC Member country, contact your NC.

If you are in a country that is not yet an IEC Member, contact the IEC to investigate how you can get involved:

The IEC also runs the Affiliate Country Programme, which allows developing or newly industrializing countries to participate in IEC work without the financial burden of membership.
For details regarding participation in IEC conformity assessment work visit Conformity Assessment

Experts & delegates


Individuals with specialist knowledge in a technical field and who are delegated by their Country’s National Committee (NC) to participate in IEC work.

IEC Member countries can opt to send experts to participate in technical areas that are of interest to them.

Some organizations which have a formal relationship with the IEC can also appoint experts to certain working groups and project teams of technical committees (TCs) and subcommittees (SCs).

Experts participate in IEC technical work in a personal capacity and do not represent their company/organization or NC.

Procedures to appoint experts are described in the IEC Directives.



Delegates participate in TC/SCs to represent the interests of an NC.

Each NC assigns a Head of delegation to speak and vote on behalf of the NC during the TC/SC meeting. Other members of the NC delegation may speak but not vote, every country has only a single vote.


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IEC Members – National Committees

List of members
Country Code IEC Membership Admission date Website P-Member O-Member
AL Associate Member Admission date 2009 2
DZ Full Member Admission date 2008 2
AR Full Member Admission date 1913 5 22
AU Full Member Admission date 1927 82 39
AT Full Member Admission date 1910 117 60
BH Associate Member Admission date 2009 2
BD Associate Member Admission date 2018 1
BY Full Member Admission date 1993 3 89
BE Full Member Admission date 1909 128 59
BA Associate Member Admission date 1997 1
BR Full Member Admission date 1952 49 78
BG Full Member Admission date 1958 1 142
CA Full Member Admission date 1908 108 1
CL Full Member Admission date 2010 5
CN Full Member Admission date 1957 188 1
CO Full Member Admission date 2000 4 8
HR Full Member Admission date 1993 12 68
CY Associate Member Admission date 1995
CZ Full Member Admission date 1993 65 120
CI Associate Member Admission date 2018 4
KP Associate Member Admission date 2013 3
DK Full Member Admission date 1908 118 61
EG Full Member Admission date 1930 48 45
EE Associate Member Admission date 1995 3
ET Associate Member Admission date 2020
FI Full Member Admission date 1949 124 62
FR Full Member Admission date 1907 168 20
GE Associate Member Admission date 2010 4
DE Full Member Admission date 1951 189
GH Associate Member Admission date 2019 1 1
GR Full Member Admission date 1930 13 90
HU Full Member Admission date 1948 29 124
IS Associate Member Admission date 1998 1 2
IN Full Member Admission date 1929 99 71
ID Full Member Admission date 1965 25 41
IR Full Member Admission date 2014 45 106
IQ Full Member Admission date 2009 5 2
IE Full Member Admission date 1974 54 70
IL Full Member Admission date 1951 42 60
IT Full Member Admission date 1907 170 19
JP Full Member Admission date 1910 186 3
JO Associate Member Admission date 2010 3
KZ Associate Member Admission date 2004 4
KE Associate Member Admission date 2005 4 2
KR Full Member Admission date 1963 155 24
KW Full Member Admission date 2016 6
LV Associate Member Admission date 1995
LT Associate Member Admission date 1996 4
LU Full Member Admission date 1992 5 7
MY Full Member Admission date 1990 42 56
MT Associate Member Admission date 2000 2
MX Full Member Admission date 1993 35 58
MD Associate Member Admission date 2012
ME Associate Member Admission date 2009
MA Associate Member Admission date 2010 4
NL Full Member Admission date 1911 134 35
NZ Full Member Admission date 1979 14 109
NG Full Member Admission date 2006 2
MK Associate Member Admission date 2005 3
NO Full Member Admission date 1912 95 82
OM Full Member Admission date 2010 1 25
PK Full Member Admission date 1959 32 42
PE Full Member Admission date 2017 3
PH Full Member Admission date 2008 10 27
PL Full Member Admission date 1923 52 129
PT Full Member Admission date 1929 56 76
QA Full Member Admission date 2008 1 2
RO Full Member Admission date 1927 32 136
RU Full Member Admission date 1911 130 54
SA Full Member Admission date 1998 15 25
RS Full Member Admission date 1936 15 131
SG Full Member Admission date 1990 21 57
SK Full Member Admission date 1993 4 93
SI Full Member Admission date 1992 22 70
ZA Full Member Admission date 1939 72 63
ES Full Member Admission date 1907 122 64
LK Associate Member Admission date 2006 4
SE Full Member Admission date 1907 131 58
CH Full Member Admission date 1911 141 30
TH Full Member Admission date 1955 28 56
TN Associate Member Admission date 2000 4
TR Full Member Admission date 1956 34 70
UG Associate Member Admission date 2020 1
UA Full Member Admission date 1993 12 150
AE Full Member Admission date 2010 11 1
GB Full Member Admission date 1906 179 8
US Full Member Admission date 1907 ansi.orgusnc-iec 172
VN Associate Member Admission date 2002 3