TC tools

IEC has developed a number of online tools and services designed to help everyone with their daily activities
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Collaboration Platform

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Web conferencing

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Meeting registration system

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Expert management system

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Standards in DB format

Some IEC Standards are available in a database format. These standards are accessible either free of charge or via subscription



Personalized workspace of preferences with regard to participation in TCs, documents and notifications

New projects

Weekly alert of all approved new projects posted over the last seven days

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Weekly alert of all documents posted over the last seven days

TC/SCs Resource area

Resources for IEC technical committees and subcommittees

Public Commenting

Public Commenting on Draft IEC International Standards


Database of >20 000 electrotechnology terms and definitions, by subject area (English/French) – with some equivalent terms in 14 languages

Smart Grid standards map

Easily and instantly identify the standards that are needed for any part of the Smart Grid – no need to be a standards expert

More information

A standard is an agreed way of doing something in a consistent and repeatable way. Standards set minimum requirements in terms of safety, reliability, efficiency, and so forth. 

IEC TC/SCs (Technical committees and subcommittees) develop international standards and other types of publications for a specific area of electrotechnology.

An overview of the development process of a new IEC International Standard.

A systems approach focuses on the whole system rather than each individual part.

Standards describe the processes and methods to ensure the safety, reliability, and performance of electrical systems and information technologies. Conformity assessment verifies that the written word is applied in the real world.

Why comment? Help shape international standards in your field. Take this opportunity to provide your expert comments on draft IEC Standards (CDVs) before they are published. 

The key benefits of membership come from participating in the development of the standardization and conformity assessment work of the IEC.

In this section, you can find more information about how the IEC is organized.