Whether in the air, over the seas, under or over land, transportation is evolving to meet new sustainability and mobility requirements

Sustainable mobility systems

In order to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, cleaner transport systems are a must. Developed and developing nations are exploring sustainable, planned approaches to mobility which go far beyond simply encouraging the use of the electric car.

Western models of urban transport designed around the private automobile are of limited value in meeting the transportation needs of developing megacities.Trains, light rail and underground systems, as well as EVs, are all part of a global solution to reduce CO2 levels and congestion.

IEC work provides the technical foundation for all these new mobility systems, whether electricity or hydrogen-powered. The IEC also publishes multiple international standards pertaining to the electricity supply infrastructure, self-driving technology and in-vehicle multimedia systems.

IEC Technical Committees
They support the safety, performance and energy efficiency of transport systems, from aircraft and automobiles to trains and ships.

Electrical equipment and systems for railways

Electrical installations of ships and of mobile and fixed offshore units

Secondary cells and batteries

Plugs, Socket-outlets and couplers for industrial and similar applications, and for EVs

Electric road vehicles and industrial trucks

Maritime navigation and radiocommunications equipment and systems

Electric installations for lighting and beaconing of aerodromes

Fuel cell technologies

Process management for avionics

Personal e-transporters

Conformity Assessment

The IEC administers four conformity assessment (CA) systems which verify whether an electronic or electrical product, device, or system fulfills  the requirements specified in IEC International Standards.

Several schemes and services can be used by the transport industries.

Briefing papers

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The new age of mobility

We are moving into a different era: while the 20th century was the age of the fuel-powered car, the 21st...

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Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems

A 2nd edition of the brochure on maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems.
Full information on TC 80.

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Smart train, metro and tramway systems

Travelling by train, tram or metro are favourite modes of transport for many of us: no traffic jams, no need...

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Standards and CA Systems

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IEC Standards and certification programmes that can help tackle counterfeit in Avionics, Defence and High-Performance (ADHP) industries

Another way to help spot fake merchandise is to address the important issue of counterfeit certificates. IEC Conformity Assessment Systems...

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IEC TC 107: your strategic tool in process management for avionics

This brochure provides information about the work of IEC TC 107: Process management for avionics. IEC TC 107 plays a major role in developing...

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